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Friday, November 17Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemCondQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
5601:2362Kensington PocketMouse Wireless USB Mouse   New1200$9.99$31.97$24.10
5702:2580    Refurb520$29.99$41.97 
5803:4833    New100$24.99$39.99$65.98
5904:2186    New200$49.99$48.12$58.12
6005:4782Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 National Edition Pocket PC with GPS   New50$279.99$544.12$499.99
6107:0915Mediocre Plug-In Odor Eliminator 2 Pack   New833$4.99  
6207:2410Logitech Cordless Headset for Xbox   New, Retail321$4.99$11.50$14.50
6307:34147iRobot Roomba Discovery SE   New1500$149.99$159.99$259.99
6410:01133Jepson Winery Mendocino Mix   Aged1000$35.99  
6512:1411Bulova Men's Stainless Steel Chronograph   New42$99.99  
6612:258Digital Golf Range Finder   New712$11.99  
6712:335RCA Lyra 1GB MP3 player with FM Modulator   New116$44.99  
6812:3923LeakFrog   New2800$7.99  
6913:0212Scooba Floor Washing Robot 1736   New100$199.99  
7013:145GE 5.8GHz Dual Handset Cordless Expandable Phone   New87$29.00  
7113:198Dell Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle   New500$39.99  
7213:279Seiko Women's Stainless Steel Watch   New96$59.99  
7313:3659RoboRaptor Platinum Edition Robotic Dinosaur   New$34.99  
7414:3526Navman ICN 330 Portable Navigation System   Reman, Retail200$199.99  
7515:013    Crap4500$1.99  
7615:24RCA Lyra 4GB MP3 Player   Refurb$45.99  
Totals through item 75:40028$1,268,418.72

Thursday, November 16Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemCondQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
0123:3727    Refurb50$49.99$65.99 
0200:0438    Refurb275$19.99  
0300:4210Razer Pro 1600dpi Gaming Mouse   New332$19.99$42.95 
0400:524Logitech Bluetooth Headphones for iPod   New, OEM49$19.99  
0500:566Labtec Pulse 475 3 Piece 2.1 Speaker Set   Refurb80$19.99 $27.99
0601:024    Refurb50$44.99$70.99 
0701:068    Refurb50$34.99$40$49.95
801:146    Refurb50$149.99$219.95 
0901:2011    Refurb500$26.99  
1001:3120    New380$12.99$14.87$25.00
1101:5197    New156$42.99 $49.99
1203:2887    New254$99.99$129.99 
1304:555Seagate 250GB SATA Hard Drive   Refurb60$49.99  
1405:0075Logitech MX5000 Bluetooth Keyboard and Laser Mouse   New149$24.99$85.50$62.95
1506:1820Adaptec GameBridge TV USB2 Video Capture/TV Tuner   New414$24.99$29.90$29.90
       1606:3833Southwestern Bell Dual Handset 5.8Ghz Phone w/Digital Answering MachineNew500$24.99$47.05]$46.32
       1707:1443Archos AV700 40GB 7” Portable Media PlayerNew100$269.99$289.95$280.00
       1807:592Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX PlaybackRefurb47$39.99$59.99
       1908:0456Cobra GPS 1080 DLX Handheld GPS BundleRefurb552$79.99$138.98*$106.95*
       2008:589Radeon RX850 Pro 256MB PCI-E Video Card w/TV & DVINew32$114.99$139.99$142.60
       2109:0769Logitech Wireless Music System for iPodNew1000$34.99$40$37.95
       2210:16118Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting KitNew500$179.99$220.99$161.40*
       2312:1425Vino Noceto Sangiovese and Zinfandel Trio + OneAged290$59.99
       2412:3930Early Warning Radar/Laser DetectorNew526$34.99$64]$49.99
       2513:095Adaptec AFW-8300 3-Port IEEE 1394 FireWire PCI AdapterRefurb200$5.99$44.97]$24.95
       2613:146Eton Emergency Radio with AM/FM, VHF TV Tuner, & NOAARefurb325$19.99$39.00$29.00
       2713:2021JBL On Stage II Dock/Speakers with RemoteNew486$59.99$62.95$73.99
       2813:417Kensington 5 Button Wireless Optical Pilot MouseNew620$9.99$28.95$16.00
       2913:4859Netgear WPN824 RangeMax MIMO Wireless RouterRefurb1200$29.99$56.00$41.95
       3014:475Labtec Pulse 375 Flat Panel 3-Piece 2.1 Speakers SystemRefurb80$17.99$55.95*$26.95*
       3114:526nVidia GeForce 7900GS 512MB PCI-E Video Card w/Dual DVI & TVNew9$219.99
       3214:587Logitech Wireless Play LinkNew154$14.99$18.95$17.00
       3315:0560RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD UpconversionRefurb500$89.99$95.00$132.99
       3416:058Northwestern Bell Dual Handset 2.4Ghz Bluetooth PhoneNew96$34.99$87.44
       3516:1323Western Digital Raptor 10,000 RPM 80GB SATA Hard DriveNew, OEM374$84.99$94.99
       3616:3633Nexxtech 7" 16:9 LCD Portable DVD PlayerRefurb647$54.99$90.99$59.99
       3717:095Bluetooth v1.2 PBH300 Wireless HeadsetNew198$14.99$17.83
       3817:1410nVidia GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI-E w/DVI & TVNew60$94.99$80.00
       3917:24184Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge USB 2.0 AdapterNew1500$8.99$11.75$9.99
       4020:2819SanDisk 1GB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice RecorderRefurb50$29.99$37.15
       4120:4712Netgear 108Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 AdapterRefurb500$19.99
       4220:5955Logitech Cordless Action Controller for PlayStation2 – 2 PackRefurb1100$19.99
       4321:549ThermoHawk 200 Touchless Infrared ThermometerNew1000$17.99
       4422:039Sudoku Handheld Electronic Game with Touch ScreenNew2186$4.99
       4522:126RCA Lyra 1GB MP3 Player and Thumb driveNew156$34.99$48.44$52.99
       4622:185ADSTech Notebook CardBus TV Tuner Card with Video CaptureNew22$29.99
       4722:234Radio Controlled Quad Propeller UFONew24$89.99
       4822:275Logitech Wireless Headphones for PCNew, OEM111$24.99
       4922:3229Zyxel GN650-T Gigabit PCI Ethernet AdapterNew1700$4.99$24.13
       5023:016Labtec Pulse 350 3-Piece 2.1 Speakers SystemRefurb100$15.99$50.19
       5123:076Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM Hard DriveRefurb554$19.99
       5223:136RCA Lyra 64MB MP3 PlayerNew152$9.99
       5323:199Melitta Momentum 10-Cup High-Speed BrewerNew141$29.99$59.99$49.88
       5422:284Logitech ClickSmart 310 Digital Camera/WebcamRefurb100$9.99
       5522:32171Logitech Portable Speakers for iPodNew975$19.99$29.79$22.00
Totals through item 55:21716$689,886.84