Thursday, March 22Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemConditionQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
0100:003Kensington Flylight 3.0 USB Notebook Light (Woot Forum) (twitter)New249$2.99$13.00$17.00
0200:036SIMA 600 Watt Continuous/1200 Watt Peak Power Inverter (Woot Forum) (twitter)New104$29.99  
0300:097Pioneer 600 Watt 5.1 DVD Home Theater System (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished59$159.99  
0400:1614HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7490n PC (Woot Forum) (twitter)New20$749.99  
0500:3039Santa Fe Fajitas & More Buffet Griller (Woot Forum) (twitter)New127$17.99$37.00$37.98
0601:0967iRiver Clix 2GB Media Player (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished190$89.99$147.95$147.95
0702:163Razer Pro-Tone m100 In-ear Ear Phones(2for1) (Woot Forum) (twitter)New4$29.99$28.79 
0802:192TomTom GO 510 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished2$279.99$299.00$299.99
0902:213Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit (Woot Forum) (twitter)New6$14.99$50.00$50.00
1002:242Ultrex Flash Fryer (Woot Forum) (twitter)New4$19.99$38.00$37.99
1102:2610Matsunichi 8GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive (Woot Forum) (twitter)New117$44.99 $69.99
1202:3619Compaq Presario V2718WM Notebook PC (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished12$529.99$589.99 
1302:55165Polaroid i832 8 Megapixel Digital Camera (Woot Forum) (twitter)New120$119.99$159.30 
1405:4037PNI Steeleye Cordless Rechargeable Radar/Laser Detector (Woot Forum) New100$39.99 $89.99
1506:177Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 (Woot Forum) Refurbished148$13.37$17 
1606:2433Zyxel M-102 Xtreme Mimo Wireless Laptop Adapter (Woot Forum) New150$19.99$27$38
1706:5710GN-Netcom GN6110 Bluetooth Headset (Woot Forum) New, OEM30$49.99$276.32$276.32
1807:07269Infocus Screenplay 4805 DLP Home Theater Projector (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished370$379.99$665.45* 
1911:3619Razer m100 Pro-Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone(White) (Woot Forum) New2989$15.99  
2011:555HP iPAQ hw6510 Mobile Messenger (Woot Forum) Refurbished15$199.99  
2112:00150Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished110$699.99  
2214:308iRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter (Woot Forum) Refurbished1324$8.99  
2314:38182iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110) (Woot Forum) New1700$139.99 $161.27
2417:407Targus AER010US Remote Tunes Wireless Remote for iPod (Woot Forum) New406$6.99$11.98$9.65
2517:47177Oregon Scientific Music Sphere Wireless Speaker (Woot Forum) New500$49.99  
2620:443Solar Powered Copper Finish Garden Lights Two Pack (Woot Forum) New109$7.99  
2720:4716ATi Radeon X600 Pro 256MB DDR 16x PCI Express Video Card (Woot Forum) New235$49.99$110$67.95
2821:035Philips HTS3440 DVD/5.1 Surround Home Theater w/USB Direct (Woot Forum) Refurbished100$99.99$253*$114.95
2921:086HP Pavillion dv1738od Notebook PC (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished8$549.99  
3021:1439Sirius 8-inch Powered Subwoofer (Woot Forum) (twitter)New270$39.99  
3121:539RCA Combo DVD Recorder & VCR (Woot Forum) Refurbished130$79.99  
3222:0260Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset (Woot Forum) Refurbished3500$13.37  
3323:0267RIM Blackberry 7290 Unlocked Wireless Handheld Device (Woot Forum) New100$119.99$49.99$139.99
3423:5811SanDisk 256 MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder (Woot Forum) Refurbished2861$9.99  

Friday, March 23Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemConditionQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
3500:0917Toshiba 8" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit (Woot Forum) Refurbished130$89.99$159.99* 
3600:2612BellSouth 2 Way Wristwatch Communicator - 2 Pack (Woot Forum) New568$19.99  
3700:3818a/d/s AW600 Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers (Woot Forum) New129$79.99  
3802:4055Logitech mm28 Flat Panel Portable Speakers (Woot Forum) New240$19.99  
3903:3573ADS USB 2.0 SimpleTouch Hard Drive Case w/Backup Software (Woot Forum) New652$14.99  
4004:4889iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue (Woot Forum) Refurbished100$99.99  
4106:1749JVC MiniDV Camcorder with 28x Optical Zoom (Woot Forum) Refurbished150$159.99  
4207:0612Samsonite Carrying Case Alarm (Woot Forum) New528$2.99  
4307:1816InFocus ScreenPlay 61 inch DLP High Definition TV (Woot Forum) Refurbished20$1,299.99  
4407:34120Wine O' Elvis Random 4 pack (Woot Forum) (twitter)Aged1300$39.99  
4509:345AlcoHawk Precision Breathalyzer (Woot Forum) (twitter)New194$39.99  
4609:3921Dell 1700N Laser Network Printer (Woot Forum) (twitter)New443$109.99  
4710:0029a/d/s C10PS 10” Powered Subwoofer (Woot Forum) New72$199.99  
4810:294iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot (Woot Forum) New120$189.99  
4910:3591Everglide S-500 Professional Gaming Headphones (Woot Forum) New400$39.99  
5012:064iRiver U10 512MB Multimedia Player with FM Tuner & 2.2" LCD (Woot Forum) Refurbished222$34.99  
5112:1033H&R Block TaxCut Premium Federal & State on 256MB Thumb Drive (Woot Forum) New400$14.99  
5212:4345Gateway M275 Tablet Convertible PC (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished205$499.99  
5313:2970Ty Caton Trio (Woot Forum) (twitter)TyTanic459$54.99  
5414:5042Philips GoGear 2GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner (Woot Forum) (twitter)Refurbished1200$39.99  
5515:343MicroGEM Quick Drive 4GB USB Drive (Woot Forum) (twitter)New244$24.99  
56.115:3817sRandom Crap (Woot Forum) (twitter)Crapactular500$1.00  
5715:394Matsunichi 6GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive (Woot Forum) (twitter)New214$32.99  
5815:4553BOA Portable Remote Security System (Woot Forum) (twitter)New115$29.99  
5916:394Kensington Pocket Presenter Wireless Presentation Device (Woot Forum) (twitter)New300$12.99  
6016:452Logitech Wireless Music System Add on Receiver (Woot Forum) New, OEM9$19.99  
6116:4822SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (Woot Forum) New596$59.99  
56.217:13<1mRandom Crap (Woot Forum) (twitter)Crapactular500$1.00  
6217:142Performance Tool W5739 Quick-Line Laser Level (Woot Forum) (twitter)New65$6.99  
6317:1814Sova 37” Widescreen HD Ready LCD Monitor (Woot Forum) (twitter)New37$599.99 $899.99
6417:3447Excalibur 4GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive (Woot Forum) (twitter)New1200$22.99  
6518:2345Voice Buddy 3.0 Interactive Game Control (Woot Forum) (twitter)New1000$5.99  
56.319:08<1mRandom Crap (Woot Forum) Crapactular500$1.00  
6619:1070InFocus ScreenPlay 7205 HD DLP Home Theater Projector (Woot Forum) (twitter)New27$1,499.99  
6720:224Targus PR600 The Port 3.1 Series – 15” Notebook Backpack (Woot Forum) (twitter)New243$15.99  
6820:2831Sonic Impact V55 Video Player for iPod (Woot Forum) (twitter)New288$79.99  
6921:013Energy Junkie Sample Pack (Woot Forum) (twitter)Energetic78$19.99  
7021:042Disney Princess Styling Guitar (Woot Forum) (twitter)New39$19.99  
7121:077Screaming Monkey with Green Woot Cape (Woot Forum) (twitter)Very, very loud8000$1.99  
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