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Friday, July 20Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemConditionQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
6310:3311:22Stuart Cellars Temecula Trio (Woot Forum) Aged220$47.99See SiteSee Site
6209:5310:31ADS 7" LCD Digital Photo Frame w/128MB Memory (Woot Forum) New3000$59.99$179.40See Site
6109:3710:37SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and V... (Woot Forum) Refurbished1394$14.99See SiteSee Site
6008:4909:35GN Netcom GN9120 Wireless Headset Bundle (Woot Forum) Refurbished275$109.99See SiteSee Site
5908:4308:47Sandisk SDMSV-4096 4GB Memory Stick Pro (Woot Forum) 248$See SiteSee Site
5807:2508:41Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (Woot Forum) Refurbished36$649.99$799See Site
5707:23Sandisk SDMSV-4096 4GB Memory Stick Pro (Woot Forum) $See SiteSee Site
5606:1507:21Excalibur Plug and Play 6 Player Texas Hold’em P... (Woot Forum) New1050$7.99See SiteSee Site
5506:0507:05HP Pavilion s7415c Slimline Media Center PC (Woot Forum) Refurbished16$299.99See SiteSee Site
5404:5506:03iOne Lynx-Q5 7-Button 1600dpi Gaming Mouse (Woot Forum) New350$5.99See SiteSee Site
5304:4704:53InFocus SP5000 HD-Ready LCD Home Theater Project... (Woot Forum) Refurbished4$499.99See SiteSee Site
5204:3404:45Fantom 160GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (Woot Forum) 299$See SiteSee Site
5103:0304:32Zap D14 Portable Universal Charger (Woot Forum) 205$See SiteSee Site
5002:1903:01Whistler Portable GPS with 3.5" Touch Screen LCD... (Woot Forum) 57New$199.99See SiteSee Site
4902:1402:17Labtec Axis 322 Headset with Boom Microphone (Woot Forum) 349$See SiteSee Site
4801:0202:12Belkin Wireless MediaPilot Keyboard F8E838 (Woot Forum) New630$29.99$72.00$69.58
4700:1501:00Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cable - 4-Pack (Woot Forum) New2400$4.99  

Thursday, July 19Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemConditionQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
0100:001Sling Media SlingBox Classic (Woot Forum) Refurbished3$69.99  
0200:024Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (Woot Forum) New54$119.99  
0300:091Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 w/ GPS Locator Hardware (Woot Forum) New12$39.99  
0400:1119Oregon Scientific Message Weather Station (Woot Forum) New312$29.99  
0500:321Prime Pilot 600 Portable GPS (Woot Forum) New3$139.99  
0600:34Super Hoop Collapsible Basketball Game (Woot Forum) New$89.99  
0701:1801:19La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch (Woot Forum) New$9.99  
0801:21Vector Vectorlite 1 Million Candlepower Rechargeable Aluminum Spotlight (Woot Forum) New$14.99  
0901:28iRiver Clix 2GB Media Player (Woot Forum) Refurbished$69.99  
1002:39RIM Blackberry 7290 Unlocked Wireless Handheld Device (Woot Forum) New$79.99  
1102:42Digicom IP-214 iPod Docking Station Speaker (Woot Forum) Refurbished$79.99  
1203:51Vector Slim Line 100 Watt Power Inverter (Woot Forum) New  
1304:17Kensington PocketMouse Optical Limited Edition (Woot Forum) Refurbished$3.99  
1406:24HP A1340N PC with Pentium 4 640 Processor (Woot Forum) Refurbished$399.99$369.99* 
1506:54Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 (Woot Forum) New$24.99$25$25
1606:57Jaton AV-318G Gun Metal Gray 5.1 Surround Sound System (Woot Forum) New$69.99  
1709:02Xact X33X Wristlinx Wrist Communicator - 2-Pack (Woot Forum) New$15.99  
1809:0709:11Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player w/ HD Upconversion HDMI Out and DivX Playback (Woot Forum) Refurbished384$34.99  
1909:1309:14Hawking Technology HWL1 802.11b/g WiFi Locater (Woot Forum) New91$4.99  
2009:16Navman ICN 330 Portable Navigation System (Woot Forum) Refurbished101$119.99  
2109:21iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum (Woot Forum) Refurbished1999$139.99  
2211:10WowWee Robosapien Version 2 Humanoid Robot (Woot Forum) New281$79.99  
2312:02Castoro Cellars Reserve Tempranillo 2005 Trio (Woot Forum) Red250$48.99  
2413:2913:38Maverick ET-901 Remote BBQ Thermometer and Timer (Woot Forum) New762$19.99  
2513:39Westinghouse 46" High Definition LCD TV (Woot Forum) Refurbished$999.99  
2615:31Sony NW-S706 4GB MP3 Player with Noise Cancelling Headphones (Woot Forum) New500$79.99  
2715:50LeakFrog (Woot Forum) New$7.99  
2816:01Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System (Woot Forum) 141$139.99  
2916:52Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit (Woot Forum) New89$19.99  
3016:55iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue (Woot Forum) New297$84.99  
3117:25Gourmet Coffee Cafe Single Serving Coffeemaker with Free Coffee (Woot Forum) New1850$17.99  
3218:12Whistler Radar & Laser Detector (Woot Forum) New147$49.99  
3318:25Toshiba Multi-Drive DVD Recorder with VCR (Woot Forum) Refurbished96$89.99  
3418:39Compaq Presario Athlon 64 3200+ Desktop (Woot Forum) Refurbished19$299.99  
3518:45Razer m100 Pro/Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone (Woot Forum) New2756$14.99  
3619:37Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum (Woot Forum) Refurbished145$259.99  
3719:49Logitech PlayGear Pocket PSP Case   New200$0.99  
3819:53Compaq V3018CA with AMD TurionX2 Processor, 1GB RAM (Woot Forum) Refurbished16$499.99  
3919:58Sceptre Adjustable LCD Stand (Woot Forum) New160$14.99  
4020:08Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center (Woot Forum) New20$99.99  
4120:12Genius PenSketch 6x8 USB Graphic Tablet (Woot Forum) New273$89.99  
4220:20Evesham Nav-Cam 7700 Touchscreen GPS (Woot Forum) New43$149.99  
4321:21Kensington 3-Button Optical StudioMouse (Woot Forum) New170$12.99  
4421:36Kodak 7.1MP Camera & Printer Dock Plus Bonus Bundle (Woot Forum) Refurbished310$139.99  
4523:32Vector Rechargable 2 Pc. Copper Candle Lites (Woot Forum)   
4623:35a/d/s L310 Black 2-Way 5.25” All Weather Speaker Set (Woot Forum) New74$99.99  

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