Thursday, February 1Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemCondQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
721:316Pulsar Alarm Chronograph Mens Watch (Woot Forum) New29$59.99  
731:379Salton Three For All Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Maker (Woot Forum) New114$29.99  
741:4615Pulsar Alarm Chronograph Men's Watch (Woot Forum) New84$59.99  
752:0143Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick HD TV Tuner and Video Editor (Woot Forum) New200$79.99  
762:4495Razer Copperhead 2000dpi Laser Gaming Mouse (Woot Forum) New400$34.99  
774:193SanDisk 1GB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder (Woot Forum) Refurb12$29.99  
784:2221US Robotics 7902A Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter (Woot Forum) New124$9.99  
794:4345US Robotics 5422 Wireless 802.11g USB Adapter (Woot Forum) Refurb250$14.99  
805:2866Labtec Media Wireless Desktop Keyboard/ Optical Mouse (Woot Forum) New650$14.99  
816:34105Sova 37” Widescreen HD Ready LCD Monitor (Woot Forum) New80$649.99  
828:193SanDisk 256 MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder (Woot Forum) Refurb48$12.99  
838:22113Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (Woot Forum) Refurb68$749.99  
8410:158Pulsar Alarm Chronograph Mens Watch (Woot Forum) New64$69.99  
8510:2345HP iPAQ hw6510 Mobile Messenger (Woot Forum) Refurb113$299.99  
8611:0853Digital Blue PC Animation Station (Woot Forum) New2000$4.99  
8712:019Polaroid 7” Two Screen Car DVD Player w/ Game Controller & Built-in Games (Woot Forum) New201$109.99  
8812:1087Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mouse (Woot Forum) New3697$6.99  
8913:3749MAINStage Sound System (Woot Forum) New300$149.99  
9014:265Visioneer Hi-Speed 5-port USB 2.0 PCI Adapter (Woot Forum) New350$7.99  
9114:318Sampotech DS-15T Multi-Mon Dual 15-inch LCD Display (Woot Forum) New70$199.99  
9214:435Pulsar Alarm Chronograph Mens Watch (Woot Forum) New63$59.99  
9314:4816US Robotics 5461 Wireless MAXg Router with Print Server (Woot Forum) Refurb776$29.99  
9415:04152Matsunichi 8GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive (Woot Forum) New3024$49.99  
9517:3618Pepper Pad (Woot Forum) New60$349.99  
9617:5476Audiovox 8.5" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit and Under Counter Docking Station (Woot Forum) New100$219.99  
9719:0949Creative TravelDock Zen Micro (Woot Forum) New300$49.99  
9819:589iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110) (Woot Forum) New100$139.99  
57.520:071BOC v5 (Woot Forum) Craptacular1500$1.00  
9920:082Pig (Woot Forum) New280$3.99  
    Total thru 9954874$2,260,880.26  
* An asterisk notes that the item price listed may be of a different condition than the listed item on woot!. For example, woot! may be selling a refurbished product, however the price grabber only returns the product's new price.

Wednesday, January 31Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemCondQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
3901:08103Wolf King Warrior USB Ultimate FPS Gaming Pad (Woot Forum) New138$24.99$29.99$35.99
402:5146Cyber-Blue Bluetooth v1.2 Class 2 Slim USB Dongle (Woot Forum) New1377$4.99  
413:3722USB 2.0 7-Port Super Slim Compact Hub w/ LEDs (Woot Forum) New432$9.99  
423:59148Adaptec Dual TV Tuner-Remote Control for XP Media Center (Woot Forum) New75$99.99  
436:2711GTE-802 Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit (Woot Forum) New189$21.99  
446:388FlexUSB 2.0 Adaptor - 2 Pack (Woot Forum) New500$4.99  
4506:4665Polaroid i832 8 Megapixel Digital Camera (Woot Forum) New230$119.99$145.99$142.98
467:5181InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector (Woot Forum) New400$599.99  
479:124SkyVogue Old-Fashioned USB Internet Phone (Woot Forum) New29$24.99  
489:1658Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay Quartet (Woot Forum) New315$44.99  
4910:143Real Wood Keyboard and Optical Mouse Set (Woot Forum) New62$17.99  
5010:1743Gateway M275 Tablet Convertible PC (Woot Forum) New120$549.99  
5111:003Sungale BTS800 Bluetooth Hands-Free Wireless Car Kit (Woot Forum) New64$19.99  
5211:034ADS USB 2.0 SimpleTouch Hard Drive Case w/Backup Software (Woot Forum) New500$17.99  
5311:077VuPoint 5 Megapixel Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Woot Forum) New67$69.99  
5411:1410Dell Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle (Woot Forum) New1100$349.99  
5511:2418Armida Winery Poizin & Antidote Trio (Woot Forum) Poizonous500$44.99  
5611:42209Toshiba 8" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit (Woot Forum) Refurb700$99.99  
57.115:111Random Crap (Woot Forum) Craptacular1200$1.00  
5815:126Logitech MX3000 Cordless Desktop Set (Woot Forum) New300$34.99  
57.215:181BOC v2 (Woot Forum) Craptacular1500$1.00  
5915:1910Optimag Portable 5.5” LCD TV (Woot Forum) New148$59.99  
57.315:291BOC v3 (Woot Forum) Craptacular1500$1.00  
6015:3062Logitech Wireless USB Music System for PC (Woot Forum) New750$39.99  
57.416:321BOC v4 (Woot Forum) Craptacular300$1.00  
6116:33155Logitech mm28 Flat Panel Portable Speakers (Woot Forum) New1300$24.99  
6219:0874Gyration GO 2.4 Air Mouse and Compact Keyboard Suite (Woot Forum) Refurb380$49.99$74.00*$69.99*
6320:223Battery Operated Handheld Body Scrubber and Soap Dispenser (Woot Forum) New246$2.99  
6420:253Salton Three For All Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Maker (Woot Forum) New122$29.99 $69.99
6520:2831Whistler SRT-35R Radar and Laser Detector (Woot Forum) New345$34.99$39.98$37.99
6620:5954Nike Pro Combo OS Iron Set 3-Pitch (Woot Forum) New40$329.99  
6721:535Salton Personal Blender (Woot Forum) New248$9.99  
6821:583Cyberhome CH-SRD 600R 6-channel Surround Headphones with Game Decoder (Woot Forum) New50$9.99  
6922:0136BOA 9150T Garage Laser Parking Sensor (Woot Forum) New1743$9.99  
7022:3712Jaton iRok 1GB MP3 Player (Woot Forum) New550$24.99  
7122:49162AT&T 5.8Ghz Digital Expandable Cordless Phone with 3 Handsets (Woot Forum) Refurb1000$42.99  
    Total thru 3718797$573,941.03  
* An asterisk notes that the item price listed may be of a different condition than the listed item on woot!. For example, woot! may be selling a refurbished product, however the price grabber only returns the product's new price.

Tuesday, January 30Edit

#Time (CST)MinsItemCondQtyWoot PriceSecret PricesFroogle
0100:008Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset (Woot Forum) Refurb205$14.99  
0200:084NCL Security Wireless Network IP Day/Night Camera (Woot Forum) New10$99.99  
0300:1224Kensington Flylight 3.0 USB Notebook Light 33131 (Woot Forum) New500$7.99$19.99$19.82
0400:3610HP Pavilion dv9010us Entertainment Notebook PC (Woot Forum) New6$999.99$1149.99$1249.99
0500:465RCA Lyra 512MB MP3 w/FM Tuner (Woot Forum) New49$29.99$44.49$54.99
0600:5117Labtec Elite 825 Stereo Headphones (Woot Forum) New600$6.99$8.00$9.15
0701:083iRobot DirtDog Model 1100 (Woot Forum) New6$99.99$129.90$112.00
0801:1174Saitek No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker (Woot Forum) New1500$2.99$17.12$4.49
0902:254US Robotics 802.11G Wireless MAXg Range Extender (Woot Forum) New6$39.99$51.99$59.99
1002:29116Xact X2X-2 WristLinx Two-Way Wristwatch Radios (Woot Forum) New800$17.99$39.99$59.99
1104:254Cobra GPS 1000 DLX Handheld GPS Bundle (Woot Forum) New5$89.99  
1204:293Kensington Wireless Optical USB Desktop for Mac (Woot Forum) New20$17.99$62.37$50.88
1304:323Salton Short Order Cook (Woot Forum) New20$9.99$35.00$17.50
1404:3575Linksys WMCE54AG Wireless Media Center Extender (Woot Forum) Refurb100$89.99$249.00*$136.50*
1505:5091Samsung Digimax L85 8MP Digital Camera (Woot Forum) New100$199.99$249.95$199.99
1607:218Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router (Woot Forum) New200$15.99$26.99$29.99
1707:2964GN-Netcom GN6110 Bluetooth Headset (Woot Forum) New450$49.99$64.99$144.94
1808:3398iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot (Woot Forum) New800$189.99$242.80$209.99
1910:1111Adaptec Gamebridge TV USB2 Video Capture/TV Tuner (Woot Forum) New800$17.99$9.25$10.99
2010:2278Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System (Woot Forum) New280$239.99$289.12$244.99
2111:4071Netgear 108Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter (Woot Forum) Refurb1700$17.99$17.99*$26.95*
2212:514Performance Tool W5739 Quick-Line Laser Level (Woot Forum) New446$6.99$26.99$8.99
2312:5555Mustek MDC-4000 4MP Digital Camera (Woot Forum) New150$49.99$67.05$67.05
2413:5070LeakFrog (Woot Forum) New4200$7.99$12.99$12.85
2515:002Performance Tools W5746 Point-N-Measure Digital Tape Measure (Woot Forum) New446$6.99$9.99$9.99
2615:023Timex CD Clock Stereo with Nature Sounds (Woot Forum) New38$29.99  
2715:056Night Gear 300EX Titanium Night Vision Monocular (Woot Forum) New70$139.99$189.99$119.00
2815:1139Prevention Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor (Woot Forum) New1500$19.99$49.99$55.99
2915:5051Compaq DX2000 Business Desktop (Woot Forum) New150$249.99$429.95$289.99
3016:4159La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch (Woot Forum) New560$9.99$39.95$24.95
3117:4014Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player (Woot Forum) Refurb110$69.99$89.99$89.99
3217:54104Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System (Woot Forum) New1000$24.99$28.99$39.95*
3319:38155Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge USB 2.0 Adapter (Woot Forum) New1350$8.99  
3422:135GeForce 7300GS 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Video Card (Woot Forum) New95$49.99  
3522:183Dirt Devil Cordless Vac 'n Mop (Woot Forum) New50$19.99  
3622:2175Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center (Woot Forum) New245$109.99  
3723:3640Razer Copperhead Anarchy Red 2000dpi Laser Gaming Mouse (Woot Forum) New380$34.99$42.48$44.85
3811:5870Netgear WPN824 RangeMax MIMO Wireless Router (Woot Forum) Refurb850$29.99$63.00$44.95
    Total thru 3718797$573,941.03  
* An asterisk notes that the item price listed may be of a different condition than the listed item on woot!. For example, woot! may be selling a refurbished product, however the price grabber only returns the product's new price.