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Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with Intel Mobile Processor
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Domaine Chandon Etoile Ros�
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Domaine Chandon Etoile Ros�
Sparkling Two - Pack

Sparkle, sparkle, li'l �toile, oh
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  • Ros� $49.99 + $7 shipping

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  • (2) Etoile Ros� Sur lees 2001

|title = First Impressions Children's Development Video DVD - 10 Pack |subtitle = Warning: There May Not Actually Be Polar Bear Footage |price = $19.99 |condition = New

|product =
  • (10) Small Fry productions First Impressions Children's Development DVDs |description =

    "Oh, hi, Julie. Yeah, I'm just catching up on these episodes of Lost. It's my favorite show. Can you believe there was a whole season that I never even knew existed? Man. It's really the best show on television. Look at this, in just ten half hour blocks, they throw so many images at you. It's like they're talking in some, I don't know, symbolic language or something."

    "Is that what you have playing right now, Michael? Is that what you think we're watching?"

    "Well, sure! Check out the way they mix sound and color and use familiar images to introduce basic concepts... what else could it be but Lost?"

    "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it could be a ten pack of First Impressions Children's Development DVDs."

    "What? No. No, that's crazy. Look, look, there's a polar bear! Just for no reason at all! Ha ha ha ha ha, so awesome!"

    "Yeah, that's a polar bear all right, Michael, but that's one of the ways the First Impressions Children's Development DVD helps kids learn. By presenting bright colors, upbeat music, and simple things like objects, toys, and other children, this series teaches pre-kindergarteners in a way that's been recognized by family-friendly publications like Parent's Choice, USA Today, Parenting Magazine and Child Magazine. It even won The Family Channel's Seal of Approval."

    "I don't think I saw a seal, Julie. But that's a good point. That polar bear had to be eating something. Do you think that's on purpose? Could that be a clue from the writers? Oh, oh, shhhhhh, this is the segment on "Autumn". I think she's a new character."

    "She's a season, Michael. Autumn is a season. The First Impressions Children's Development DVDs are laid out to teach concrete things like shapes, and food, and numbers, as well as broader ideas like sounds, and opposites, and even seasons. This segment is obviously on 'Autumn', the season."

    "Opposites, huh? I wonder if that means Autumn sat next to Locke on the plane. Maybe she's the sign that his fall is beginning. Oh! Could she be the seal trainer? Is that why the polar bear was on the airplane? Man, this show is so intelligent. Every time you think you've got a grip, they just add a new layer!"

    "Michael, I agree that the First Impressions Children's Development DVDs are very intelligent, but they're not an episodic TV show. They're a tool designed for children. To teach children. They even cover table manners."

    "You don't have to be so snippy about it, Julie. Just admit that Lost is too smart for you and go back to Heroes or something. Meanwhile, I'll be right here, trying to stay one step ahead of the writers. Hey, look, that's a pumpkin! And there's the word 'pumpkin' to make it clear! Almost too clear. I wonder if I'm supposed to rearrange the letters to find a secret message. Julie, can you get me a pen and some paper? Graph paper, maybe? Oh, I just can't wait for the next episode! Autumn's totally my favorite now. Who do you like best, Julie? Julie? Are you still here?"


    • Baby's First Impressions videos use bright colors, upbeat music and familiar objects to introduce basic concepts.
    • The Baby's First Impressions series is the winner of 14 National awards, including Parents' Choice, USA Today and The Family Channel Seal of Approval. It also was voted #1 by Parenting Magazine and was selected as "Best Video of the Year" by Child Magazine
    • Designed to nurture your child's early learning skills, and can actually help your child learn faster
    • Friendly voices and happy music help capture your child's attention
    • For ages 1 to 5 years
    • Reality based and live action

    DVD Videos:

    • Colors: Introduces 10 different colors in a format designed to nurture your child's early learning skills. This video teacher color identification and association with fascinating video of simple objects, familiar toys, animals, and children.
    • Shapes: Introduces 8 different shapes in a format to nurture your child's early learning skills. The video uses vivid colors and black & white patterns, matched with fascinating live video of familiar toys, animals, and children.
    • Letters: Will enhance your child's desire to learn in this fun-filled adventure though the ABC's. This video cultivates early-learning skills by associating letters with familiar objects, animals, toys and children.
    • Numbers: Cognitive abilities are sharpened as your child is immersed in learning the numbers from 1 to 20. This video also touches on basic addition and subtraction.
    • Animals: Introduces dozens of creatures from the Farm to the Jungle to your own back yard. This video will play on your child's natural delight with all sorts of animals, big ones, little ones, slimy ones, and even baby ones
    • Opposites: Cognitive abilities will be sharpened as they learn differences like hot/cold, sweet/sour, left/right and many more
    • Sounds: Introduces musical sounds, sounds from home, animals and people sounds, even "mystery" sounds. Concepts of loud/quiet and many others are introduced
    • Seasons: Introduces the Four Seasons and takes your child on a trip though Winter show, Spring flowers, Summer sunshine and Autumn colors. Holidays are introduced as well, so your child will make the connection between holidays and time of year.
    • Head to Toe: Learning about parts of the body is an educational basic and vitally important to your child's self image. Head to Toe will help your child make interactive connections while they learn about many different things a hand can do, and how useful elbows can be
    • Food Fun: Teaches fruits and vegetables, fun foods and much more. Also includes lessions on table manners and good nutrition

    In the box:

    • Ten DVDs in Individual 7 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 1/2" DVD Cases

    |thumbimg = First_Impressions_Children_s_Development_Video_DVD_-_10_PackwnrThumbnail.jpg |standardimg = First_Impressions_Children_s_Development_Video_DVD_-_10_Pack0rjStandard.jpg |detailedimg = First_Impressions_Children_s_Development_Video_DVD_-_10_Pack1xgDetail.jpg |saleid = 9589 |purchaseurl = |forumurl = |blogurl = |wootcasturl = |pricelinks = |reviewlinks =

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