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iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall
Music by Mortimer
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  • (1) iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall and Self-Charging Home Base

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Onward Robots! - by Chris Ware
If It Only Had a Heart
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  • (1) Asphalt Woot Tee



Haywood Estate Winery Zinfandel Three - Pack
Haywood J'estateme
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  • (1) 2005 Haywood Estate Los Chamizal Zinfandel
  • (2) 2006 Haywood Estate Los Chamizal Zinfandel



Haywood Estate Winery Zinfandel Three - Pack
Haywood J'estateme
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  • Red $49.99 + $7 shipping

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  • (1) 2005 Haywood Estate Los Chamizal Zinfandel
  • (2) 2006 Haywood Estate Los Chamizal Zinfandel

|title = Compukidz English and Spanish Learning Laptop |subtitle = Translate And A Dollar Short |price = $7.99 |condition = New

|product =
  • (1) Compukidz 5706 Bilingual Kid's Laptop |description =

    If you live in the USA, it's only going to get more useful to hablo like they do down Monterrey way. Maybe the Compukidz Bilingual Laptop was ahead of its time in the mid-90s, when Taco Bell and "Rico Suave" were most Americans' only exposure to Hispanic culture. And maybe it's behind its time now, with its rudimentary LCD screen. But its battery of bilingual games, songs, and activities still holds up, as does its value to parents whose children always want to play with the real laptop. No big financial loss if little Kelcee squirts Capri Sun all over this one.

    The Compukidz Bilingual Laptop does disappoint in one respect: it lacks many of the phrases we find most useful these days. Here's a supplemental guide to conversational Spanish the Woot way. Clip and save!

    Por favor, elimine el carpincho de mi horno de microondas.
    Please remove your capybara from my microwave oven.

    Su presencia me llena la boca con el sabor amargo de cenizas.
    Your presence fills my mouth with the bitter taste of ashes.

    Decirle a mi jefe que voy a estar en la oficina, tan pronto termine mi temporada en la Legi�n Extranjera.
    Tell my boss that I'll be at the office as soon I finish my stint in the Foreign Legion.

    Que el casco se ve bien en que, a excepci�n de las astas.
    That helmet looks good on you, except for the antlers.

    Creo que esta lengua pr�tesis le pertenece a usted.
    I believe this prosthetic tongue belongs to you.

    �Cu�ntos dientes se puede encajar en este cubo?
    How many teeth can you fit into this bucket?

    Yo puedo perdonar lo que sucedi� en el rodeo de la prisi�n. Pero yo nunca olvidar�.
    I can forgive what happened at the prison rodeo. But I will never forget.

    �Cree usted que estos gusanos son carn�voros?
    Do you suppose these worms are carnivorous?

    La vida se ha convertido en un desfile intolerable de la humillaci�n.
    Life has become an intolerable parade of humiliation.

    Nunca he probado batida pan eglefino, pero suena delicioso.
    I have never tasted whipped haddock loaf, but it sounds delicious.

    Warranty: <a href="" target="_blank">90 Day Woot Limited Warranty </a>

    Recommended Ages: 6 and up


    • Teaches English and Spanish
    • Gives kids the option to play in both English and Spanish speaking modes at a touch of a button
    • Press the translate button to instantly translate words and numbers between English and Spanish
    • 13 activities covering topics from mathematics and spelling to musical composition and games
    • Contains 90 songs in three categories for kids to listen and sing along to
    • Keeps track of right and wrong answers and displays the final score
    • Makes learning a new language fun and easy
    • The fold-down screen features a built-in handle and locks for secure transport
    • The 3 1/4"(W) X 1 3/4"(H) LCD screen features a variety of moving animated graphics designed to keep learning fun for kids
    • Kids can choose from a wide assortment of spelling games, math puzzles, music and other educational activities
    • With its twin power source, you can operate the computer using either 3 "AA" batteries (not included) or optional 4.5V AC power adapter (Not included)
    • Folding design
    • Animated LCD screen
    • Easy-To-Use keyboard
    • 5 button selector mouse
    • Shortcut keys
    • English/Spanish mode button
    • Translate button
    • Built in audio speaker
    • Directional buttons
    • Closed Dimensions: 10 1/2"(W) X 11 1/2"(D) X 2 1/2"(H)
    • Weight: 2.4 lbs.

    English Mode:

    • Press any alphabet key and the computer will show and speak the letter, then display words that start with that letter
    • Pronounces words that appear on the screen
    • Translate button translate the word on the screen into Spanish and pronounces the word
    • Displays a word with a missing letter, and asks you to fill in the missing letter
    • Shows a picture along with three different answers, and asks you which is the correct answer

    Mathematics Mode:

    • Choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Displays a random math question from the chosen subject, and the user must enter the answer

    Game Mode:

    • Shooting game, Different letters of the alphabet will appear on the screen starting from the right hand side, the player must quickly find the letter on the keyboard to shoot down the letter
    • Wallop, Hit the monster on the screen by moving the left and right

    Music Mode:

    • Playing piano, learn and create melodies by using the letter keys on the keyboard
    • 30 Christmas songs
    • 30 Children songs
    • 30 Love songs

    Additional Photos:

    In the box:

    • Compukidz 5706 Bilingual Kid's Laptop
    • Users Guide

    |thumbimg = Compukidz_English_and_Spanish_Learning_Laptops76Thumbnail.jpg |standardimg = Compukidz_English_and_Spanish_Learning_LaptopgwzStandard.jpg |detailedimg = Compukidz_English_and_Spanish_Learning_LaptopsdiDetail.jpg |saleid = 9572 |purchaseurl = |forumurl = |blogurl = |wootcasturl = |pricelinks = |reviewlinks =

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