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Famous Maker 25.5-inch Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor
Lifestyles of the Rich and Totalitarian
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  • (1) TS-25W8HC 25.5" Vivid Color Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor w/2 HDMI, Webcam, Tasklight, Card Reader

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Lights of emerald city
End of the Road
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  • (1) Black Woot Tee



Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela
Stave Off The Darkness
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  • (1) Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela



Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela
Stave Off The Darkness
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  • New $24.99 + $7 shipping

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  • (1) Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela

|title = 101 Plug and Play TV Games with 2 Wireless Controllers |subtitle = Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover |price = $5.99 |condition = New

|product =
  • (1) Excalibur VR101-CC 101 in 1 Plug and Play Game with 2 Wireless Controllers |description =

    It'll be noisy. It'll be bad. But it's gonna happen. Your darling boy or girl will be smitten with the idea that they could be the next big thing and they'll start humming out tunes and banging on tables and, most importantly, writing down really cool band names. That's why it's important to start the learning process early.

    With exposure to the Excalibur 101 Plug and Play TV Games with 2 Controllers, you'll be helping your child avoid the trap that many young rockers fall into. Let's be blunt: Rural Goblin will always sell more tickets than "The Mario Brothers Quartet". The bass player for Jet Defender is going to get phone numbers, while the lead singer of "Zelda's Link" will be going home alone. In the post-modern music world it's not so much what you are as what you seem to be. And the Excalibur 101 Plug and Play TV Games with 2 Controllers can teach that lesson well.

    With 101 games, the Excalibur 101 Plug and Play TV Games with 2 Controllers is easily better than that old Atari sitting on Grandad's basement shelf. The variety of games (platformers, shooters, puzzlers, you name it) make it easily the equal of Mom and Dad's Nintendo. Sure, you won't even think you're playing Portal, but there's a lot of fun to be had in these two controllers. Only you'll never know that until you get over yourself and try them out.

    And maybe, that's the first step to rethinking the world. Maybe when Devildom Doom Mission hits the stage, it'll be to show everyone that it's not just a brand name that matters. Maybe your son or daughter's band Abscondee will be part of a generation who grew up believing you don't need the best equipment or the most modern technology, as long as you've got heart. Maybe Cookie Labyrinth will be the lo-fi band that changes everything. And maybe they'll have you to thank for it, because of what they learned from the Excalibur 101 Plug and Play TV Games with 2 Controllers.

    Or maybe you'll just stick it in the bag for when you've got to visit Gramma and the kids won't shut up. Hey, not everyone is made for rock and roll, you know. Sometimes it's just fun to make up band names. Like Apple Chess. Wonder what they'd sound like?

    Warranty: 90 Day Excalibur


    • Choose from 101 action games
    • Plug and play
    • Just plug the wireless receiver into your TV and play
    • Comes with two controllers for twice the fun
    • Play against yourself or a friend
    • No wires or plugs to controllers
    • Enjoy free-range gaming excitement without a tangle of messy wires restricting your movement

    Games Include:

    • Space Destroyer - Mission: Destroy the aliens that are coming to conquer the Earth
    • Police vs. Thief - Mission: As the cop, you are chasing the thief or as the thief, you must avoid the cop
    • Fling Ball - Fire balls at the target to get scores or block your
      opponents balls
    • Coast Guard - Sink invading enemy ships at all costs
    • Pong Pong - Push and bump your opponents into the holes
    • Magic Egg - Hit the eggs as they land
    • Lightning - Finish the race in the allotted time while avoiding
    • Transform - Finish the race in the allotted time while avoiding obstacles and picking up powerups
    • Angel - The angel is dropping tons of goodies and you help the mummy
      catch them
    • Jet Defender - Defend the coast from foreign attacks
    • Spring World - Collect all the diamonds and treasures
    • Ghost Collector - Collect all the bells within the given time limit
    • Nut Cracky - Help the prince rescue the princess
    • Vigilant - Shoot down all the flying objects in space
    • Space Base - Defend your base from oncoming attacks
    • Jumping Kid - Jump over all the escaped animals at the carnival
    • Brother Ball - Help your brothers escape when they ask for help
    • Block World - Put the blocks back on the board within the allotted time
    • Water Pipes - Connect the pipes to get water to the bottle in the given amount of time
    • Burrow Explorer - Use your helmet light to guide your way to the exit and avoid bugs and other nasty things along the way
    • Climbing - Climb as high as you can to get the highest score
      possible while avoiding falling objects, angry thunder clouds, arrows and other objects along the way
    • Last Man Standing - Help the soldier defend his town
    • Pathway - Get through as much of the field as possible without
      re-tracing your steps
    • Island - Kick the monster eggs off the island before they hatch
    • Cookies Labyrinth - Help the mouse collect all the cookies within the given time limit
    • Goal Keeper - Protect your goal
    • Aether Cruiser - Destroy the enemy in space
    • Panzer Attack - Destroy all enemy tanks
    • Man in Red - Destroy the pesky alien invaders
    • Bolt Action - Try and fly across the harbor, but your enemies won't
      make it easy
    • Polar Cub - Help the polar bear cub collect all the fruits and be careful with all the other animals
    • Road Block - Finish the road course in the given time, but don't forget to avoid all the obstacles
    • Antiquarium - Try and catch as many creatures as possible
    • Bonk - Hit the mice that harm the harvest
    • Rabbit Village - Help the rabbits that are trapped by the fire
    • Shrew Mouse - Use your mouse to create the biggest territory possible
    • Depth Bomb - Position your army so they are hard to detect and use
      your bombs to destroy your enemy's army
    • Polar Bat - Shoot all the polar bats while avoiding the falling objects and snowballs.
    • Goblet Tower Move the tower of goblets from the first table to the green table. You can only carry one layer of goblets in sequence
    • Jewel Dive - Collect all the underwater jewels before your
      air runs out
    • Twin Fish - This is a memory game where you find the fish that is identical to the one shown at the bottom of the screen
    • Apple Chess - Try to end with the most number of apples
    • River Jump - Get across the river by jumpin onto the shape that
      corresponds to the one that you are standing on
    • Power Robot - Help the robot collect items
    • Mermaid Hunt - Rescue the mermaid, collect coins and avoid the many
      dangerous creatures
    • Abscondee - Collect all the balloons within the allotted time, but beware of your energy levels.
    • Mowing - Mow the lawn while avoiding the naughty dog and
      hidden hamster
    • Lunarian - Defend the barrier from alien attacks
    • Ghost Castle - Kill all the deadly creatures in the castle
    • Memory Test - Match all the cards within the given amount of time
    • Pulverize - Shoot down all the tanks around the battlefield
    • Mouse Snare - Find all the hidden cats by marking the locations that you think they are in
    • Air Alert - Shoot down all the flying objects
    • Diamond - Break through to get the big diamond
    • Submarine - Destroy all enemy submarines
    • Hungry Fish - Help the little fish eat and grow
    • Catch the Note - Collect the falling drops to form a beautiful song
    • Volleyball - Play good defense and offense to win the volleyball game
    • Contest 2004 - Shoot down all your opponents
    • Dark Castle - Hit the moving creatures while you gain energy and continue your journey deep into the castle
    • Scuba Hunt - Destroy all the creatures
    • Snowball - Push the snowballs into the holes
    • Hobbs Voyage - Mission: Clear the area of battle
      tanks and parachutist, while you collect guns to help you
    • Wild Worm - Help the worm eat and grow big, but be careful of flying
    • Escapeaway - Help the three brothers get through obstacles by jumping
      over them
    • Balloon Bust - Shoot down all the balloons
    • Fruit Gift - Match the fruits on the center to those on the left and
      right side numbers - Stop the shifting numbers when they are in the correct sequence with the other numbers
    • Addition - Pick the correct equation
    • Fruit - Gather the right amount of fruit
    • Crystals - Follow the comparison statements on the board to collect
      the correct crystals
    • Pillar - Build six pillars of equal height with the parts that are
      given to you
    • Compensation - Choose the right combination of numbers to add up to the random number given at the top of the screen
    • Diamonds - Learn multiplication by using the right spatula
    • Icarian - Shoot down all the alien objects
    • Shuffle Puzzle - Get the shuffled numbers into their correct numerical
    • Turbulence - Enjoy flying while avoiding the many hazards in the air and collecting fuel for a longer flight
    • Hammer and Nail - Hammer the nails down on the spots marked with an 'X'
    • Dringle - Clear a path and get to the temple doorway
    • Frantic Mouse - Help the mouse jump its way up to the highest platform
    • Cannonade - Shoot down the attacking planes
    • Twin Cards - Mission: Locate the pair of identical cards within the given amount of time
    • Penta Base - Guard the "Penta Base"
    • Arena - Fight back the attacking aliens, but be careful of falling fireballs
    • The Archer - Destroy all the monsters
    • Surface-to-Air - Guard the border
    • Fun Click - Gather the same items together to earn higher scores
    • Teleport - Collect all the red hearts that are strewn about. Use the
      teleport doors to get around
    • Detonation - Destroy all creatures
    • Undersea Arena - Drop bombs to hunt for crocodiles, squid and lobster in the deep sea
    • Bug Catcher - Help the bug catcher eat up all the bugs of the same color as he is
    • Final Blood - Destroy all enemy troops within the given amount of time
    • Rural Goblin - Destroy all creatures
    • Pizza Boy - Deliver pizza within the given amount of time and remember
      to pick up your pizza at the store
    • Seaport Guard - Defend the seaport
    • Seawolf - Destroy the enemies that appear on radar
    • Mad Xmas - Collect falling gifts from Santa and avoid the bad ones.
    • Eggs - Mission: Collect the falling eggs and increase your vocabulary
    • Bicycle Race - Finish the race within the given amount of time and be careful of other riders
    • Greedy Snake - Quickly collect all the hearts and diamonds that pop up
      within the time limit
    • Devildom Doom Mission - Destroy all creatures

    In the box:

    • 2 Wireless Controllers
    • Plug in Play Game System

    |thumbimg = 101_Plug_and_Play_TV_Games_with_2_Controllers7feThumbnail.jpg |standardimg = 101_Plug_and_Play_TV_Games_with_2_Controllersg0sStandard.jpg |detailedimg = 101_Plug_and_Play_TV_Games_with_2_ControllersguvDetail.jpg |saleid = 9553 |purchaseurl = |forumurl = |blogurl = |wootcasturl = |pricelinks = |reviewlinks =

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