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Timex TX6180 Full Feature Weather Station
To Know Which Way The Wind Blows
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  • (1) Timex TX6180 Full Feature Weather Station with Atomic Clock


We can't think of

anyplace we've ever lived or visited where the locals didn't claim their regional climate to have inspired this feeble joke: If you don't

like the weather, just wait five minutes.

It's strange that so many people, in so many places, would believe their own native regions to be the birthplace of such a widespread idiom. What a disappointment to hear it again in a new place! There's always the preamble "we've got a saying 'round here"--creating in the listener some excited anticipation that he's about to get spattered with some local color--then the same old line already heard four or five times in as many states.

Don't the perpetuators of this dusty gag travel? If we started telling out-of-towners we had a saying 'round these parts, and that it was "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," we imagine someone would eventually break it to us that, yeah, that saying's made its way 'round pretty much all English-speaking parts.

At last, here's the Timex Radio-Controlled Weatherstation to provide some relief. Sure, it collects a variety of potentially useful meteorological data--including the indoor and outdoor temperatures, which it provides wirelessly--and keeps an atomically correct clock. (Heh! Heh!) But more welcome to us is its weather forecast icon, which foresees six hours of future weather.

Forget the Weatherstation's atmospheric pressure and humidity level readings. Ignore the way it displays the current moon phase and precise times for the sunrise/sunset. (Swiftly flow the days!) For us, the real reward of owning this thing comes when yet another dimwit comes around trying to pass off a universally familiar cliche as regional folk wisdom. "If you don't like the weather," he'll say, "just wait five minutes."

To which we reply that the next five minutes are not predicted to bring any variance from present conditions, and that no change is expected until around 4:00 this afternoon, when it might rain a little.

Try it--it only takes a couple strong doses of meteorology to permanently condition an acquaintance or co-worker not to pull that "wait five minutes" rot on you. People learn pretty quickly.

Then again, maybe you're one of them. A small-talker. Maybe you enjoy the kind of shallow non-conversations that comprise lines like "wait five minutes." Maybe you count on such inane aphorisms to provide necessary verbal lubricant between yourself and the people you encounter every day. Lucky you; we've got a saying 'round here: If you don't like this product, just wait 24 hours.

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Warranty: One year manufacturer


  • Wireless indoor / outdoor temperature
  • Minimum / Maximum for indoor and outdoor temperature reading
  • Wireless indoor / outdoor hygrometer
  • Minimum / Maximum for indoor and outdoor humidity reading
  • Weather forecast icon forecasts 6 hours into the future
  • 8 Barometer with history on bargraph
  • Radio controlled atomic clock
  • Outdoor sensor features LED flashing signal indicator
  • Moon phase cycle and sunrise / sunset time
  • Three channel (only one sensor provided in this model)
  • Transmits data at 433MHz up to 100 feet
  • LED backlit
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature
  • Hygrometer accuracy + / - 5% between 80% and 20%RH, all other + / - 10% accuracy range
  • Battery level indicator
  • Two AA and Three AAA Batteries required. Batteries not included.

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