Friday, July 13, 2007

Microgear Mini RC Helicopter
Feel The Intense Burning Intensity
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  • (1) Ecoman Microgear Mini RC Helicopter EC10133


Revvin' up the engine
Microgear's ready to fly
Tiny little copter
Plastic rotor spinnin' high

Microgear to the danger zone
Flimsy toy copter in the danger zone

Headin' for the ceiling fan
Crashin' on the kitchen tile
Oh, great, now it's broken
That was fun for a little while

Microgear to the danger zone
My entire house is a danger zone

You'll have to say goodbye to it
If a strong, stiff breeze happens to blow
A heap of plastic on your driveway
Now you know just how high it can go

Out along the edges
Always where I burn to be
The intensity melted
My Microgear Mini RC

Microgear to the danger zone
My entire house is a danger zone
Microgear to the danger zone
The entire world is a danger zone

Warranty: 90 days


  • Fully assembled, ready to fly out of box.
  • Full function 2 channel radio control
  • Up & Down, Spin Left & Right
  • Real life helicopter styling
  • Total length 36cm, 14cm height
  • 7.2v 300mah Nimh battery
  • 2hr charging time, up to 10 mins flying time
  • Up to 30m radius control range and flying height - 25meters
  • 240v safety approved charger
  • Material: ABS

Package includes:

  • helicopter
  • radio unit
  • English manual
  • charger

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