Moofi (or Woot! upside down) is a new woot site launched during the week of June 13, 2010 which can have several deals running at the same time until they sell out. Each page has a special ID in the url so if you try going to just, you end up at The best way to find these moofi sites are to search woot's deals site for:

Woot's Description of moofi:
You know Woot as the site that sells one product per day, cheap. But this isn't exactly Woot. This is a special super-secret page we set up to get our family and friends off our backs about these things (hi mom!); we're tired of entering manual orders. Your order here will be processed and shipped like any other order with Woot.
Yes, you can sneak your lowlife pals in, but make sure they follow the dress code.

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