What is a Woot-Off?

  • A Woot-Off is a continuous sale of Woot items. When one sells out the next item is posted.

How long does a Woot-Off last?

  • A Woot-Off lasts between 20 and 72 hours (Based on the last Woot-Off). Only woot knows when it will end.

What is a Woot-Off killer?

  • Eager to see new items, Woot members deem any product that sells very slowly as a "Woot-Off killer". To help speed things up, Woot members are known to buy these items just to move the Woot-Off along.

How do I tell what percentage is left?

  • The orange bar on the Woot home page decreases as the available stock is depleted. No percentage is displayed on the Woot site itself, but you can use a Woot-Off Checker to see the exact number.

What is a Woot-Off Checker?

  • A Woot-Off Checker is a third-party web site or software application that checks the site for the status of the current Woot and redisplays it along with other information or features. Woot-Off Checkers reduce the load on Woot's servers by acting as redistributors of the Woot information.

What is this Woot Wiki?

  • It is a place for Woot members to collaborate on a historical log of Woot offerings with related price comparison information from three sites including SecretPrices, PriceGrabber, and Froogle. It also maintains an active list of Wootoff Checkers.

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